Find Yourself Saying Things Which Would Have Sounded Crazy Last Year?

What's something you've said in the past six months that would make no sense to someone in 2019?

We found this great convo on Twitter and here are some of the best responses

1. "They wouldn't let me into the bank because I wasn't wearing a mask."

2. "That was a beautiful Zoom wedding."

3. "You found Clorox wipes? Someone wants to get lucky."

4. "Just ate my 39th loaf of homemade bread and traded the 40th for some toilet paper."

5. "You're invited to my daughter's drive-by 10th birthday."

6. "I might preemptively home-school in the fall because it's going to happen next year anyway."

7. "I'm glad those murder hornets weren't worse."

8. "Mom, dad, I don't care what you heard on TV, please don't inject yourselves with bleach."

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