I Know That Song! The One MTV Played In Their First Hour On The Air

Every Morning at 7:10 we like to play a fun little game called, 'I Know That Song.' We toss out some lesser-known facts about a band or artist you've loved listening to for year. Play along with us tomorrow, we reveal the song and play it for you around 7:20am

The video for today's song, as you will see, was straight concert footage and it was the ninth video MTV aired when the network launched on August 1, 1981. Shortly after the video started, the tape got glitchy and cut out, a bad omen for the band, which MTV soon replaced with more charismatic bands that made concept videos.

The song deals with a cheating woman. Lead singer Kevin Cronin said, “I just sat there and sang vocals about the effects of gossip and relationships breaking up, which was what was on the tube and all that was similar to what was going on in my life." Kevin's wife Denise offered a retort in a 1981 People magazine story. "... The band gets all this sympathy and is excused for all that goes on when they’re on the road. No one even mentions the problems of the wives who are home alone." 

The band today is REO Speedwagon and the song is "Take It On The Run"

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