I Know That Song! The One That Gave Us These New Wavers

If you missed I Know That Song! today, it is a song only made it to number 20 in 1981...The band is the first all-female band to top the Billboard album charts that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments.

The song was the first single from their debut album that’s been called one of the "cornerstone albums of US new wave."

The band did NOT want to do the video, with the lead singer trying to hide in one shot because she thought the whole concept of music videos was silly and wouldn’t catch on. But their record label said you gotta do it, and it was financed by unused funds from the Police's video budget. In fact, the band was first signed to a record deal by Miles Copeland, the brother of The Police drummer, Stewart Copeland.

The band's guitarist who wanted to sing lead on this and other singles but was refused! This led to her departure and the band’s eventual break up in 1985.

Of course that drummer was Jane Weidlen

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