I Know That Song: The One That Was The Only Good Thing About Batman Forever

Today’s song is one of the greatest examples ever of a song that the artist thought had no potential that ended up being an international number one hit. It swept the 1996 Grammys winning Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

The song was written in 1987, several years prior to the release of his debut album from 1991. After writing the song, he felt "embarrassed by it" and "threw the tape in the corner." 

He described how the song initially dropped out of the charts shortly after its release. Joel Schumacher subsequently called the artist, and requested use of the song to play over a love scene between the characters played by Nicole Kidman and Val Kilmer in Batman Forever. Although the song was eventually not incorporated into this scene, it was instead used to play over the end credits; and many believe this change contributed to the song's eventual popularity.

The artist met the Supermodel mother of his children in a hotel lobby and fell instantly in love. So much so that he proposed to her and married her 7 times. Unfortunately it wore off and they broke up. 

Seal's Kiss From A Rose was today's song. Did you guess it? Play along tomorrow at 7:10 on K103 Mornings With Stacey & Mike. And please stay safe and indoors today...we see sprinkles out there so fingers crossed this smoke is gone soon!

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