I Know That Song! The One That Hit Top 10 Twice, Four Decades Apart

Today's song hit the top 10 twice! In 1984 it went to #1, and this summer a new Kygo remix shot up to #3 on itunes.  

Number One from 1984. This was this singer’s comeback song. She first hit the pop charts with her husband Ike in 1960, and their biggest hit came in 1971 with a cover of "Proud Mary." After enduring years of spousal abuse, she split from Ike in the mid-'70s and her career was in limbo until this song thrust her back in the spotlight .

This singer set some records when this song went to #1 on the Hot 100. At 44, she became the oldest female solo artist ever to top the chart. Her first song to chart was "A Fool In Love" with her husband Ike in 1960, at 24 years, she set the mark for longest time between first song to chart and first #1 hit.

These records were both broken by Cher, who was 52 when her song "Believe" went to #1, and whose first chart hit was in 1965 with "I Got You Babe" (with Sonny & Cher).

This is really an anti-love song, and the singer hated it. She balked at recording it, but had the good sense to defer to her manager who was engineering her comeback and was sure the song would be a hit. And it was.

It is about a woman who enjoys the carnal encounters with her lover, but feels no emotional attachment. She wants him to know that there's nothing more to it, as for her it's purely physical. 

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