I Know That Song! The One That Turned "Boys" into Men

Join us weekday mornings at 7:10 to play along and see if you know the song we're describing. We've been doing this for a minute and we still find stuff we never knew about the songs you love on K103.

Today's song peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1998. From a band of 5 guys who caused screams and tears everywhere they went.

This song was written by the same writers who wrote Head To Toe from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam and is one of the first tunes by this band to feature all five members on lead vocals. 

Billboard described this song as a "no-brainer ballad" that would treat these “Boys” more seriously as men.At the 1999 Teen Choice Awards, the song won Choice Music: Video of the Year. And If you’re the proud owner of “Now that’s what I call music 3” you know this song very well.

Two of the group's members have been on DWTS. In fact one is on right now and Carrie Anne Inaba calls him “smooth as silk.”

The song of course is from the Backstreet Boys. Nick Carter and AJ have both done DTWS, in fact AJ is on this season and Carrie Anne Inaba calls him "Smooth as silk."

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