I Know That Song! The Biggest in 80's With Sax Solo

Number One song from 1982! In fact, the song spent four weeks at #1 in America, making it the biggest US hit of the '80s to feature a sax solo.

This song is about a very seductive woman with expensive tastes that she uses men to satisfy. The lyrics to this song use a luxury brand to develop the character as she is described as "a she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar," referring to the high-end automobile. 

The Song was used on the soundtrack to the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere movie Runaway Bride, a story about a woman with a reputation of jilting her fiancés at the altar. 

The mustached half of this duo said in a recent interview that they’ve gone “from legends to punchlines and back again” He also said if they made a movie about them he’d want Robert Redford to play him but he would insist on being a mustache consultant. 

The duo, who’ve been sampled by hip hop artists like Kanye and Notorious BIG, were working on a new album when covid hit, so that’s been put on hold. 

Today's song is Hall and Oates Maneater.

And if you need more Hall and Oates in your life there's this. In 2011, two fans set up a "Callin' Oates" hotline, where those in desperate need of a Hall & Oates song can get help.719-26-OATES

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