I Know That Song! The One From the "Latina Madonna"

Today's song was a top 10 hit from 1995. It was released as a promotional recording and not as a CD single. Because of this, it was not eligible for the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But the song was released three months after a tragic event which we will tell you about in a bit, and then it made it to number 8 on the US Hot 100. 

This song's lyrics are about a woman who loves a guy. She is scared of rejection so she decides not to tell him and keeps it to herself. It has been covered by everyone from J-lo to Gloria Estefan to Snooki, from the American reality television series Jersey Shore, lip sync the song on her YouTube account.

This singer was an international sensation, but she was portrayed on the big screen by a fellow latin american singer who was actually a bigger recording star in the US than this singer whom she was portraying.

This singer, dubbed the Latin Madonna, was poised to achieve crossover success with the release of her first English-language album before being killed in 1995 by the founder of her fan club. That tragic saga was of course immortalized in the biopic, “Selena”, about her life when she was played by Jennnifer Lopez.

This song became a popular wedding song after its release. It also became one of the singer’s most famous songs and helped her gain English language speaking fans.

Selena Gomez says she was named after her because her father was a huge fan of hers.

Of course today's song is from Selena. If I Could Fall In Love.


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