I Know That Song! The One When Whitney Was Unstoppable

Number one in 1987. This was the sixth of seven consecutive #1 US singles for this singer, a record that still stands. This incredible run was all from a time when she was totally devoid of the controversy which would later plague her life and career. 

In this song, this superstar has a man, but it's actually one of her OLD flames she still burns for, which is clear from this sample of the lyrics:

I remember the way that we touched

I wish I didn't like it so much

The demo for this song sounds little like the final product. The producers were huge fans of Prince and put the demo together with his Minneapolis funk sound. "Originally our demo had a certain Prince feel to it, in the verse in particular. But I don't think anyone would ever hear this version of the song and hear anything Prince-like about the production.”

You probably remember her iconic look in the video. Jeans, a white tank, and a black leather jacket. But what you probably see now looking back is how vibrant, healthy and happy she looked. 

This song is one of 7 consecutive number one hits to catapult her past The Beatles and The Bee Gees who had previously tied for a record of 6.

It also helped drive her to the top of the Forbes list as he was the highest-earning African-American woman overall and the third highest entertainer after Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy.

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