Cyndi Lauper Will Read Your Tarot Cards


Hi friends!

When I had a guest role as a psychic on the hit TV show Bones, it was a chance to connect with an aspect of my life that not many people know about. Over the years, I’ve explored Tarot in my free time. Now let me show you how much fun Tarot can be!

We’ll hang out on a video call, chat, and I’ll read the Tarot cards for you and a friend! Then I’ll fly you both to one of my upcoming concerts when I'm back on tour and put you up in a hotel. I’ll hook you up with VIP seats to the concert and even send you home with some special autographed goodies. 

To enter to win, just donate a minimum of $10 to my True Colors United. You’ll have my undying thanks for your support of our work with LGBTQ homelessness youth. If you want to give more, I’ll love you even more, plus you’ll earn more chances to win and get some cool autographed merch like sheet music, a dulcimer guitar, Tarot cards, and more!

Who knows what the future holds! In the meantime, stay safe! 



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