I Know That Song! The One Where Courtney Cox Danced Into Our Hearts

This NJ Rock God had over 70 songs to choose from for his iconic 80’s album. Today’s song was the LAST song that he wrote for the album, but it was the first single released from the album. He wrote it after an argument with his manager, who wanted a guaranteed HIT from the album! It was his feeling that having a big hit would cement this singer’s "superstar" status.

Knowing that now, it only makes sense that the song is actually about his frustrations with writing hit songs. His feelings pour out, as he says that he feels like a hired gun...waiting for some action. Brian DePalma, directed the memorable video that ruled MTV in those days. It was filmed during his show at the St. Paul Civic Center (Minnesota) on June 29, 1984. He sang the song about halfway through the concert...so that he was good and sweaty...and the concert goers were worked up into a frenzy!  To get all the shots that were needed, Bruce sang the song twice...and a virtually unknown actress, Courtney Cox, was planted in the audience, years before she achieved worldwide fame as "Monica" on "Friends," Courtney got to be the adoring fan in the front row, who is pulled onstage, and gets to dance with the today’s singer.

Today’s singer is now married to his longtime bandmate Patti. But once upon a time in Lake Oswego he married Julianne Phillips, an Oregon-raised model and actress. Word of the ceremony was leaked by a local florist, and since we didn’t have cell phone cameras and the internet, our sister station Z100 set up a rumor hotline to track them. He and his bride ended up tying the knot at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church just after midnight on May 13 1985. It was an intimate, down-to-earth moment for the musician, fresh off of "Born in the U.S.A." 

Today’s song quickly climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts, landing at #2 on June 30th. All this hit action before the video was released!

It would win this legend his first Grammy and in the 1985 "Rolling Stone Reader's Poll," the song was voted "Single Of The Year."

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