K103 Things To Do This Easter Weekend

I think we all feel a light at the end of this tunnel and soon we'll be able to spend time with all those people and places that we miss. In the meantime another holiday is upon us and whether you have littles, teens, or anything in between it's a day you can play the parent card and demand - I mean kindly request- family time together.

So here are some fun ideas to keep everyone occupied as well as TOGETHER.

COLORING EGGS is great family fun together and the perfect photo op! Here's a recipe to make egg dye with ingredients on hand.

BAKING, prepping and cooking the holiday dinner is so much more fun when everyone gets involved. Here are 10 recipes to spark your creativity.

EASTER CRAFTS are so fun because not only are you creating together and making memories, you come away with keepsakes you can bring out every Easter!

SPRING PLANTING! What a great way celebrate the season, new beginnings and also teach children how to plant and nurture living things.

BASKET IDEAS FOR MOM! Let's be real, mom is usually the one helping the Easter Bunny and oftentimes making baskets for the family, decorating, shopping for and making the meal. obviously not always but think about it, is Mom the only one without a basket of her own? This year make MOM a basket! You can fill it with her favorite coffees/teas and treats. Or her favorite bath items. If she likes to garden fill a basket with new gardening gloves, seed packets, a new hand trowel. Get creative, you know her better than anyone. What does she love? Candles, music, gift cards, socks, books?

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