I Know That Song! The Peppy One About Divorce

The very famous solo artist, who is also the lead singer for this band, has stated that this song was inspired by his divorce. This song is the seventh track on his band’s 1986 album, “Invisible Touch”  

Divorce is something this renowned singer and drummer is no stranger to: Over the years, he has been married and divorced three times. In fact, he published his autobiography, Not Dead Yet, in 2016, which chronicled his numerous troubled marriages. In 2016 his first wife took legal action against him because she did not like his account of their relationship in his autobiography.

He married his third wife, Orianne Cevey, who worked as his translator, in 1999. In 2006 they divorced. He paid £25 million to Cevey, which became the largest settlement in a British celebrity divorce…

BUT in 2016 he reunited with Cevey and they lived together in Miami because he wanted to be closer to the sons they had together. You may have read recently that that did not go well. Last October, he filed an eviction notice against Cevey after she secretly married another man in August. He sold his Miami home just this year, for $39 million.

Today's song from 1986 is one of the great breakup songs of all time with lyrics like: 

Someday when you're free, memories will remind you that our love was meant to be

But late at night when you call my name, the only sound you'll hear, is the sound of your voice calling. 

Surprisingly the tune was so catchy it was used in a beer commercial in Japan. And audiences love to sing along. On tour, during the intro and just before the end of the live performance, the singer would engage in call and response with the audience using nonsense language. He would chant "Deeee Da Daaayyyyy" and the audience would in turn reply.

The singer has some very talented offspring; his daughter Lily Collins is the Golden Globe nominee star of Emily in Paris on Netflix. And Dad was sharing drumming duties Nic on tour when the Pandemic hit. They’re expected to get back on the road when it’s safe.

It’s Phil Collins and GENESIS, Throwing It All Away. I Know That Song!

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