I Know That Song! The One That Pretty Much Ripped Off Rob Thomas

This band, now known as “Push Baby” steadily earned a large YouTube following from their own takes on other people’s songs, including Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble,"and Chris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up," They eventually caught he ear of Justin Bieber's manager, and Taylor Swift’s ARCH ENEMY, Scooter Braun. 

After signing with Braun's School Boy Records, this band released a video for their own song "Make Out," which quickly racked up over one million YouTube views. That song, which consisted of parodies of popular songs at the time, was never released as a single. Today’s song, their first actual single, wasn’t released until early 2014. 

Today’s song uses parts of Rob Thomas's 2005 single "Lonely No More". A band member explained: “We've been a huge fan of his, so we took a lot of inspiration from him and wanted to give him a tip of the hat". 

While Rob Thomas has responded positively to the use of the sample, this song has been called out many times online for using parts of a Rob Thomas song.

Rob Thomas wasn't the only artist this song was accused of “borrowing from”...One reviewer said today’s song has “...a very similar sound to that of mainstream pop giants…” We will tell you who with the rest of the story on today’s I Know That Song next.

In 2014, this band performed the song on the second live show of The Voice. Apparently, former Voice coach Adam Levine from Maroon Five had a big impact on these guys because one reviewer said that today’s song “...kicks off lying somewhere in between Reggae, Funk-Pop and RnB. It’s a very similar sound to that of mainstream pop giants Maroon 5, which must be a comfortable sound to sit with, however all a little too recycled. 

The band acknowledges that Maroon 5 has been an “influence”

Today’s song is among the forty-five tracks that appear in Just Dance 2015.

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