K103 Things To Do This Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day! Remember that self care needs to find its way into your day. We tend to make sure everyone else has what they need, that they're happy and taken care of...but today you get to be the queen! That being said here are some fun ideas for this weekend that you might want to do. Or not. It's your weekend! ~Stacey Lynn

Grab the fam and head to your favorite outdoor spot. Bring a jacket and snacks, a blanket. Just get outside and breathe in this beautiful place we live.

Do you love birds? Take a nature walk/bird walk at Kelley Point Park Sunday morning from 9a-11a.

Treat yourself or your mom to a picnic brunch at Topaz Farms Sunday 11a-2p. You bring the blanket and purchase a brunch box. Bring the kiddos to visit the mini cow, Rita, and two mini donkeys, Mayday and Trooper as well as Mini goats!

Moms, aunts, daughters, grandmas and girlfriends...all will enjoy The Oregon City Garden Tour Saturday 10a-2p. Instagram worthy flowers and a view.

And it goes without saying...CALL or if you can, visit MOM this weekend! If your mom is no longer with us think about the women who lift you up and send them a text or call of appreciation.

Take a trip. Down Memory Lane! Pull out scrapbooks, watch old home movies. Spend some time remembering the family and life that brought you to today.

More ideas to make the most of the day that only comes around once per year.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend XO

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