I Know That Song! From The Band Everyone Thinks Is Just a Guy

Many people think this song comes from a single performer because of the group’s name, which is the lead singer’s stage name. But they are actually a bunch of Danish guys who got together in Denmark in 2011. 

They are forever immortalized among all you BRONIES out there because in 2017 performed the song "Off to See the World", featured on the soundtrack of My Little Pony: The Movie. #Rainbowdashforever

But they have real cred with even the NON BRONIE crowd with three Grammy Award nominations including Record of the Year and Song of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2016.

This band’s front man wrote this guitar-driven ballad about his love for his longtime girlfriend and said, “I think everyone that's been in a relationship for a long time has those days where like, you can fight, but she's still going to come in with a cup of tea or a sandwich...When you're arguing, the fact you can still be nice to each other even if you've just argued, or you can be mad at her but still be nice to her."

This song only reached number 70 on the US Billboard Hot 100, but it went to number one in this group’s Danish homeland, which you might expect. But it also did really well in the most RANDOM countries: The song reached the Top 10 in several other countries, including Romania, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia and Norway! You just never know where music fans are gonna connect with a sincere, heartfelt song which celebrates the power of unconditional love!

They've got NEW music dropping tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy Love Someone. It's Lukas Graham. I know that song

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