Need A Little Feel Good In Your Life? These Shows & Movies Bring It put together a list of 21 movies and TV shows that, quote, "show you the importance of moving through life with kindness and compassion for others in all that you do."

Here are 10 highlights

1. "Quantum Leap", 1989 to 1993. Scott Bakula hops through time and in and out of other people's bodies, where he has to help people avoid some past mistake.

2. "Parks and Recreation", 2009 to 2015. "The staff's commitment to bettering their community truly does make it a nicer, friendlier place."

3. "Moana", 2016. The title character "dreams of being a better leader for her people, and helping them to live in harmony with nature and each other."

4. "Groundhog Day", 1993. Bill Murray learns to "slow down, stop being so self-centered, and realize that every person he meets is just as important as he is."

5. "Schitt's Creek", 2015 to 2020. "The show manages to illustrate . . . without condescension and with only a little cheesiness . . . the value in favoring relationships with people over accumulating wealth and status."

6. "Elf", 2003. Will Ferrell "inhabits a mindset of indefatigable optimism in every minute of every day . . . [and] inspires us to live our best lives throughout the year."

7. "City Lights", 1931. "Shows us the value in realizing that even the least among us is still human and worthy of being treated with kindness."

8. "The Great British Baking Show", 2010 to Present. "The bakers are all vying for the same fancy cake stand (and lucrative title), but they never fail to hold one another up when their soufflés fall or their cakes have soggy bottoms."

9. "Bluey", 2018 to Present. An animated Australian import about a dog named Bluey and her family. It explores "the everyday stresses of being and raising a kid."

10. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", 2019. Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.  

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