I Know That Song! The One That Will Make You Do This In Public

Today’s band is an English new wave band, formed in London in 1980. The band’s name means "yellow bell" in Chinese. They found their greatest success in the US, with five Top 40 hits, including today’s song, which was a top 20 hit in 1984.

But today’s song did not chart initially, so they spent most of the next year recording their second album, Points on the Curve. Released in January 1984, the album had a re-recorded version of today’s song which made it to number 16 in the US. 

The popularity of today’s song, plus a spelling change of their unusual name gave this band the ability to spend two months touring the United States on their own and with the Romantics and Berlin and in 1984 they would be the opening act for the Cars on their "Heartbeat City" tour.

They followed up the release of Points on the Curve with a bunch of soundtrack work...They band also recorded a song called "Fire in the Twilight" for the 1985 John Hughes film The Breakfast Club.

In 2008, a fire broke out on the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood, in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County. The fire began when a worker used a blowtorch to warm asphalt shingles that were being applied to a facade.

Universal Pictures said the fire destroyed a three-acre portion of the Universal backlot, including the attraction King Kong Encounter and 40,000 to 50,000 archived digital video and film copies. 

A 2019 New York Times Magazine exposé asserted that the fire also destroyed tens of thousands of audio master tapes belonging to Universal Music Group (UMG). This included original recordings belonging to some of the best-selling artists worldwide, including today’s band: 

Wang Chung...Dance Hall Days...I Know That Song

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