5 Things Every Highschool Grad Should Know

5 things every HS grad should know

1- Time Management:

Learning to manage your time is one of the most important skills for leading a productive life. But it’s also one of the most difficult to learn. We have to train ourselves to be organized. Some of us are STILL working on this 20 years into a career! Here's the book we were talking about that Stacey's reading.

2- Self Defense:

While we certainly hope we never need them, self-defense skills can be lifesaving in an unexpected and dangerous situation. Search online for classes near you. There are tons of martial arts and self-defense schools

3- Home and Car Repairs:

Knowing how to change a tire, paint a room, use tools, keep up with home maintenance and cleaning, are all examples of handy skills to have for any kind of project or repair that may come up. (A good set of tools can make a great grad gift!)

4- Financial Skills:

Budgeting, writing a check, managing your bank accounts, building and maintaining good credit. Tips include: 

  • Don't live off yourstudentloans. ...
  • Open a checking and savings account. ...
  • Set a budget to keep your spending in check. ...
  • Protect your credit score. Trust us you will wish you had later. 

5- Communication Skills:

This one is very important! Many employers think that strong communication skills are themost important ability for prospective employees.Conversation, manners, being interviewed, navigating different types of relationships, and conflict resolution are all important tools.

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