I Know That Song! The One That Will Getcha Goin!

A song from 1989 about someone who has fallen on hard times, and letting that person know that he will get through it once he gets on his feet and makes it happen. This singer had several other bigger hits, but this one became her signature song and the name of her 1989 tour, which was her first as a solo artist. 

That tour was cut short in March 1990 when she was badly injured in a tour bus accident. She fractured vertebrae in her spine and had two metal rods placed in her back during surgery. During her recovery, this song took on new meaning, as it was a long struggle for her to literally get back on her feet.

She spoke about the significance of this track in an interview: "Ever since I was a little girl, I felt that I wanted to be of service here on the earth: I felt that was my job somehow. And whatever I was going to do, I was going to find a way to do that...So although it was written before my accident...that really is my motto. I look always forward. I look ahead. And that's why I chose to record that song, because I really loved the message."

This song was used to hilarious effect in the 2012 episode of Parks And Recreation "The Comeback Kid," where Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope runs for city council and makes a campaign announcement at an ice rink, which was supposed to be a basketball court, but it was changed at the last minute. Her team must walk across the ice to get to the podium, and as they stumble their way there, this song's hook plays in stops and starts. And let’s not forget Ron Swanson and his three legend dog in that scene 

Amy Poehler told Entertainment Weekly that this was her favorite scene from the show.

Gloria Etstefan..Get On Your Feet...I Know That Song

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