I Know That Mullet! I Mean... I Know That Song!

Today’s singer is happily married to Daisy Fuentes now, but he went through enough relationship drama before meeting her to inspire plenty of songs. 

He told us about the girl who sparked this one: "We were both young, and she pitted me and another guy against each other without either of us knowing. It was all about her. She handled that whole situation wrong and people got hurt out of it, and I got a song out of it. But yeah, it was very, very specifically about a particular girl." This song was his second single, following "Don't Mean Nothing." 

With his next singles, "Endless Summer Nights" and "Hold On To The Nights," today’s singer became the first male singer with four Top 3 hits from his debut album. His first seven singles made the Top 4. Even Michael Jackson put out 10 years of music solo before Thriller.

In 2016, today’s singer helped Korean Air flight attendants pacify an unruly, possibly intoxicated passenger while he and his wife, Daisy, were aboard a flight bound from Hanoi to Seoul. 

He later criticized the airline company for what he considered to be an inept handling of the situation. In response to this, Korean Air said in a press conference that they will be more assertive about passengers exhibiting similar violent behavior, even hiring more male flight attendants and "readily use stun guns" in case of more serious behavior.

Our guest Friday morning at 7:40...Richard Marx...Should have Known Better...I Know That Song

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