I Know That Song! The One You Shouldn't Play At Your Wedding

This song tells the story of a man who has feelings for the woman and painfully witnesses her marriage to another man. The singer has a younger sister who was set to tie the knot, and was used as inspiration for the song. FUN FACT: Writing the title BEFORE the lyrics was actually this singer’s schtick when it comes to writing songs, and that was the case with today’s song too.

If you ever heard the song played during a wedding, then the person is obviously unaware of the song’s subject matter. Take our advice: Do not ever choose a song like this when you and your partner are planning your wedding just because it has the word ‘wedding’ in it.

Some of the more unforgettable video scenes include a motorcycle crashing through a church window, a wedding ring made from barbed wire, and the dancers dancing their backsides to the beat of the song. That should convince anyone that the video and the song are actually anti-marriage.

This DID NOT slow this song, or this singer down though! In the book I Want My MTV, video director David Mallet said: “In those days, he was the greatest looker and mover since Elvis. Before [Today’s song] nobody would have admitted that was even possible. One look at that video and they got him.”

This song was used in the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. After getting dumped at the altar, Adam Sandler tells his friends to "turn this crap off" after this song comes on. 

Today’s singer later appears in the movie as himself and seems to reverse the song's anti-romance stance when he helps get Sandler together with Drew Barrymore after it looks like she is going to choose Glenn (CLIP)

Billy Idol...White Wedding...I Know That Song!

Congrats to Byron Kephart of Gervais who guessed the theme this week (songs with a color in the title) and won free lunch from Jersey Mikes, where the sandwiches are always a sub above.

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