I Know That Song! The One Who's Content Belies The Band's Name

Keep track of the songs all week to figure out the common theme. If you can name it Friday you can win Free Lunch at Jersey Mikes. 

Today’s song is an indie pop song with lyrics which deal with having an existential crisis, which are moments when individuals question whether their lives have meaning, purpose, or value. Heavy stuff for a band known for being Fun.

A line in the lyrics, "this is it boys, this is war", recalls "99 Red Balloons", the English version of Nena's 1983 hit "99 Luftballons". The lead singer explained, "I'm always thinking about, 'Who am I and why did I do something like that?' He says the song is about "just being someone different on any given night."

Many listeners have compared the song to Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia." But the band’s singer said it was actually Paul Simon's "Graceland" which was the main influence on the song

In the ultimate late bloomer story, the song entered the top ten by jumping to number 8 after its 25th week on the chart. In its sixth week in the top ten, it reached number 3, which has been its peak position. It has since sold over 5 million copies in the United States. 

Initially, there was a ton of confusion with the fans with a bad case of ‘Misheard Lyrics” in this song.

The lyric "Some terrible nights" was mistaken for "Some terrible...lies". Members of the band confirmed on on their Twitter and Facebook accounts that "it's NIGHTS not LIES” 

As in, Fun...Some Nights...I Know That Song

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