I Know That Song! See If You Can Guess The Theme To Win Free Lunch

Follow the songs each morning at 7:10 and Friday we'll ask you to name the common theme to win free lunch from Jersey Mikes.

Today's song was recorded for the soundtrack to the 1980’s film Vision Quest, which also featured a guest appearance by today's artist, who played a singer at a local restaurant. 

After the success of this song, the film was renamed with the SONG’S title in some European countries to capitalize on the song's popularity.

Today’s singer was relatively unknown when this song was recorded she only had one album out at the time. The writers of this song had no idea how big she would become at the time and they were not really excited that she was chosen to record their song. 

One of the writers recalled to Billboard magazine: "... ‘I said, 'Excuse Me? This is for HER? Really? Can she sing a song like this…?"

All of her singles up to that point were medium or uptempo dance songs that didn't showcase her singing ability. When today’s song was released in 1985, it proved that she COULD handle a challenging song and had singing talent to go along with her image. 

FUN FACT: She recorded her vocals in one take.

The song became her second number-one single on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and earned her first Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 1986 ceremony. She lost to Whitney Houston for "Saving All My Love For You."

This song has been covered by everyone from The Groove Armada to Jennifer Garner, but wait until you hear what happened when someone in the crowd requested this song at a certain someone’s concert in Louisiana.

This song has been covered on everything from Full House to the Adam Sandler movie, The Do Over, but it was at a Kelly Clarkson concert back in 2012, when someone shouted out a request for today’s song...and wouldn't you know it? She busted RIGHT INTO it!

Madonna Crazy for you. K103's I know that song.

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