I Know That Song! The One That Just Might Throw You Off Our Theme

Day three of our theme of the week and some might say this week is harder than last themes such as "song titles with 'girl' in the title" or "songs from movie soundtracks." But we think you'll get it. Just keep track of the songs all week and make your guess as to the theme at 7:20 Friday morning to win Free Lunch from Jersey Mikes.

Everyone THINKS this song is ALL about the singer and the woman he loves being separated by a great distance. This singer’s famous songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin wrote it about Toni Russo, Sister of Actress Renee Russo, to whom he was married at the time and he was in the Caribbean, far away from his wife.

But the songwriter says it is actually NOT about that. He said boredom is at the center of this song, not the idea that the singer misses his lover. More like, now that they are in fact separated, how will they spend their free time? 

He says the signer is telling his partner that she should use the opportunity for instance to “dust out the demons inside”, i.e. labor towards her own personal edification as opposed to that of the relationship itself. 

Peaking at number 7 on the Billboard 200 this song was certified platinum in both the US and UK, it was considered a comeback by this singer, who is sometimes known as the Rocketman, after his previous four albums bombed!

Today’s song comes from this singer’s 17th studio album, and the reason his previous four albums didn’t perform well apparently had something to do with the fact that he did not use the services of his traditional song writer, Bernie Taupin, as much on them. 

Well he didn’t make that mistake this time around, because Bernie wrote all of the lyrics on this album “Too Low for Zero”, including the lyrics for today’s top ten song song!

Elton John...I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues...I Know That Song!

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