Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Family Moves Into First Ever 3D Printed Home

When April Stringfield took the keys to her new 3 bedroom house in Virginia, a special bit of history was made.

The new home for April and her 13-year old son is the first one constructed by Habitat for Humanity on the East Coast using 3D printing, which saved an estimated 15% per square foot compared to their normal building costs.

The 1,200 square-foot house featuring 2 full bathrooms uses concrete, which retains temperature better than wood, and will save on heating and cooling costs. It’s also more resistant to tornado and hurricane damage.

The entire skeleton was built in just 12 hours, and there is even a miniature 3D printer that comes with the house that could reprint parts like light switch covers, if she needs a repair.

April, who has been employed full time for five years at a nearby hotel, logged her 300 sweat equity hours, and some were spent actually helping the crew on the construction site that would become her first home.

The addition of solar panels and a smart home system based on proprietary technology from Virginia Tech will ensure April and her son enjoy low energy costs while still maintaining comfort.

Check out the building process below. So cool!

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