K103 Things To Do This Weekend (Jan 14-16)

Is there anything more cinematically scintillating than the 5th movie in a slasher franchise? Scream 5 is out, but it's just called Scream. Like the original slasher movie from 1996.

January is officially Portland Music Month. If your down for a show there are A LOT.

"I'm on a boat!" The Portland Boat Show returns to the expo center. Grab your discount code here.

Beyond Van Gogh Portland looks just stunning! I want to go so let me know if you do and if you loved it! They've just extended their stay in Portland at The Convention Center.

It's going to be beautiful Bluebird weather at Timberline according to Rod Hill over at KGW. Grab your snow gear and head up to the mountain. As for Meadows, they're pausing lift ticket sales to try and keep last weeks overcrowding that caused backups and traffic jams. So unless you already have those Meadows lift tickets, find your snow elsewhere.

If all else fails go shopping! Saturday is National Use Your Gift Card Day. So go through your wallet or purse and pull out those gift cards from the holiday and use those suckers! (An estimated $1Billion is wasted each year in gift cards left unused.

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