Top 3 Reasons Stacey Can't Wait For Harry Style's New Album

Harry's new album "Harry's House" has a release date. May 20. It isn't a secret I'm a big fan. My go to artist request on my iHeartRadio app is Harry. So personally I cannot wait to add a whole new batch of songs to that playlist. If you never gave him a chance because he started as a boy bander, here are three reasons you might want to give him a listen.

1) His speaking voice; the tone and cadence are like sweet birds in my ears. I mean of course his singing voice is iconic but I've watched this carpool karoake so many times just to hear him talk.

2) He's silly, always has fun and gives zero f's what anyone thinks.

3) Falling. This song. When he hits that long note at 2:46 kills me dead.

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