How To Calm Your Pet's Anxiety During 4th of July

How To Keep Your Pet Fear And Anxiety Free During The 4th Of July - Fireworks are fun for humans but not for pets.

Besides the fear of them, the noise can hurt their ears. A survey shows about 45% of dogs have a fireworks phobia. Over 40 million dogs, plus 23 million cats have never experienced fireworks before.

And consider this: Pet Amber Alert reports 30% more pets become lost between July 4 and 6 than any other time of year.

So how do we keep our fur babies safe and comfy during the celebrations? Try these tips:

  • Put your pet in a compression garment.
  • Use safe and approved noise reduction items in their ears.
  • Create a fear-free fortress.
  • Provide calming sounds.
  • Create a jolly routine in response to scary sounds.
  • Discuss medication and supplement options with your vet ahead of time.

Remember to keep windows and doors closed in the space your pet is staying, since they can break through screens in a panic.

Source: Little Things

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