Stacey and Mike's Happy News: Firefighters Respond To A "Yelp For Help"

A small dog is now safe after British Columbia firefighters received a "yelp for help" from inside a drainage pipe. The small dog, named Dobby, was stuck inside a drainage pipe early Friday and the animal was at a serious risk of drowning. Firefighters and city workers headed to the scene and tried to locate Dobby, who they could hear yelping from inside the drain system.

Firefighters covered a 150 foot fire hose with a blanket and plugged its nozzle with the hope that 12-year-old Dobby would be able to grab onto it.

Firefighters then partially filled the hose with water and sent it down the pipe. Fortunately, Dobby was able to grab onto the blanket-covered hose and crews slowly pulled the hose back out of the pipe.

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