Older Shelter Dog Jill Finds Forever Home After 10 Years!

Thanks to Mia in Portland for sharing today's Happy News about Jill Jellybean

A shelter dog, named Jill, was just adopted after spending most of her life at an Animal Shelter in Texas. Jill first arrived at the shelter ten years ago as a stray, heartworm-positive, one-year-old dog. The animal shelter had several applications put in on Jill before, but because she is a pit, a lot of landlords wouldn't allow them to have her. Since there was trouble finding her a family, and this is a no-kill shelter, it became her home and the workers became her family.

Along came animal lover Kellie Blassingame who began her search to adopt an older dog and immediately fell for Jill. After she adopted Jill, Kellie shared the pit bull mix's story on social media to show that senior dogs deserve the same love and care as all other canines searching for forever homes.

Kellie’s new family member is now lovingly called Jill Jellybean.

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