Stacey and Mike's Happy News:

Thanks to Theresa in Forest Grove for sharing this story about a life-saving gesture from someone just driving by.

Security camera footage captured the moment a stranger alerted a family of 11 to fire in their home in Ohio the other day. Josh Ellis' security camera video shows Haily Strong stopping her car, running toward the house and knocking on the door until someone inside answers. 

Josh answers the door and rushes out of the house. He said that all 11 family members got out of the house safely, thanks to Haily, who he called an "angel." 

"She saved our family, no exaggeration about that. She stayed and she saved our family. I mean, the house was ablaze.”

Please keep these inspiring Happy News stories coming. You can even tap that talkback mic when listening to us on iHeart radio and record a :30 message about your Happy News.

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