Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Students Surprise Teacher With Car

Thank you to Kendra in Portland for sharing this heartwarming Happy News Back-2-School story!

Math teacher Julio Castro started his first day of the new school year much like he has every work day for the last couple of years: He woke at 4:30 a.m.; rode a scooter for more than six miles to the Metrolink station near his apartment.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students hurried out of their classrooms and into the gym to pull off the perfect (and long-planned) scheme. They were getting ready to surprise their hard-working teacher with a new car they spent months raising over $13,000 to buy.

Student Joshua Gerendash was committed to getting Castro a car he would love: a navy blue Mazda sedan, complete with black leather seats.

While Julio was away in his morning meeting, the students gathered for a fake teacher appreciation assembly, where gift cards were raffled off to teachers. Castro was called into the gym just in time for the “grand prize” to be announced. Little did he know what awaited him after.

Castro went through the tunnel a few minutes later, surprised as students popped off confetti cannons and cheered. His walk landed him right in front of the car: Then found the car’s key inside a strategically-placed piñata.

The crowd of students erupted with joy. The normally shy Julio was clearly overwhelmed, but his face broke into a smile as his students came up to hug him.

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