Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Long Lost Brothers Reunite After 77 Years!

Family reunited after almost 8 decades?! We love this story and thank you to Katie in Vancouver who was touched by this and sent our way.

A pair of long-lost brothers who were separated as children in 1945 are to be reunited for the first time after 77 YEARS apart.

Ted Nobbs, 83, and his brother Geoff, 79, have spent more than seven decades 10,000 miles apart after their family was divided up at the end of the Second World War.

They were all separated after their mom passed away of cancer, at age just 30, back in 1945.

Their father wasn’t able to cope with caring for either so decided to offer them up for adoption to give him a chance of a better life.

One moved to Australia in 1951with his adoptive family and has lived there ever since, and has gone on to have eight kids and grandchildren of his own.

They have all tried several times over the years to find each other and also their little brother without any success, but their luck changed in 2014, when Geoff tracked down Ted and sent him a letter. They all began talking over Skype and on the phone, finally getting to know each other after many years.

Now Ted will meet Geoff for the first time since they were young boys in a heartwarming reunion this weekend.

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