Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Mechanic Realizes Dream To Be A Doctor

Thanks to Melissa in Vancouver

A lot of people have taken different paths to the field of medicine. Dr. Carl Allamby's story is pretty unusual. Carl’s journey to becoming a physician started with a dream as a child and was something he never forgot, even when he opened his own auto repair shop. 

His journey from longtime auto mechanic to dedicated medical professional was far from easy. As a kid, decent-paying jobs were difficult to find, so his minister dad started working as a door-to-door salesman, while his mom stayed home to raise the family, which included his five siblings. 

During high school, Allamby got a job at a local car parts store and began doing repairs and maintenance on the side. He opened his first shop at age 19. 

After years in the auto repair business, he never forgot his dream and and after years of taking prerequisite courses at night and on weekends, he was accepted to the medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2015. Carl’s dream finally came full circle this year, at age 51. He recently started his first job in an emergency room as an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic's Hillcrest Hospital in Ohio.

He believes almost everyone has roadblocks and challenges that can prevent them from becoming successful.

"What matters most is your attitude when facing these challenges," he said.

As for his former career, he still loves fixing things in his garage at home. He finds a new satisfaction in it because this time he doesn’t have to do it as "a means of survival."

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