Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Came For The Fries, Left With A Baby "Nugget"

A big thank you and Happy Holidays to Jeremiah in Vancouver for sharing today's HN story.

On Wednesday, Alandria Worthy took a quick restroom break at an Atlanta area McDonald's and walked out with a newborn.

Around 3 a.m. Wednesday, Alandria started getting contractions but held off on going to the hospital.

Then around 7:30 a.m. that same day, her contractions started to pick up, to about a minute and a half apart. 

Her fiancé, Deandre, helped put everything in the car to rush to the hospital. The couple had just moved to Georgia on Saturday and stayed in an Airbnb about 45 minutes from the hospital.

They stopped at McDonald's for what they expected would be a quick stop, but the visit turned into a speedy delivery, when Alandria said she started screaming

 It was then that Tunisia Woodward, the General Manager for the McDonald's, rushed in.Woodward and her two colleagues, Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray, quickly sprung into action. Three pushes and less than fifteen minutes later, baby Nandi was born.

Although the baby's birth certificate reads "Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips," the McDonald's heroes have given the baby girl their own nickname: Nugget, a nickname that has already been a hit with the whole family.

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