Stacey & Mike's Happy News: They Mayo or Mayo-not Tie The Knot

Thank you to Paul from Portland for this one...

An elderly Arizona couple decided to tie the knot where it all started, in the mayonnaise aisle at their local grocery store where they first met.

Brenda and Dennis Delgado found love while shopping for the creamy condiment in aisle 8 at the grocery store last year. So they decided to trade vows in the same place earlier this month.

Brenda was looking for a jar of Miracle Whip when her future husband approached her and made a remark about the masks they were wearing on their faces. The two immediately hit it off.

The two talked for a half hour and even continued their conversation outside of the store before exchanging phone numbers. The two quickly bonded over their shared experience of loss. Brenda had recently lost her husband of 30 years to cancer, while Dennis had just lost his wife of 45 years.

By April, their relationship was serious enough that Dennis wanted to propose. After he told her that he was going to get her an engagement ring, she had to call him a few hours later to make sure that he wasn’t drunk.

Over a year after they first met, the couple returned to the spot to wed, surrounded by friends, family and mayonnaise.

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