Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Stowaway Dog Rescued From Shipping Container

In a mountain of shipping containers, US Coast Guard inspectors managed to locate a stowaway dog who was trapped inside for as many as 8 days without food or water.

At the international port in Houston, Ryan McMahon, a petty officer 2nd class, was conducting a routine inspection of the more than 10,000 containers that fill the port at any time, when he and his colleagues detected the sound of scratching coming from one of them.

The container was about 25 feet up the stacks, and they had to use a crane to bring it down. Inside were a couple of junked cars and a small happy dog.

Before taking her to the Animal Rescue, the team decided to name her Connie. A Coast Guard spokesman said that she was likely a junkyard resident in her former life, and ran into one of the junked cars, perhaps in a bout of fear, before it was loaded into the container.

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