Stacey 7 Mike Happy News: Wandering Abandoned Pup "Balto" Has New Home

In early March, a man named Flint spotted something strange and potentially alarming in the yard of his California home in the high desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when he got up at 6 a.m. to tend to his chickens.

Living in the desert, he has had run-ins with other wild animals, so he acted fast in response to the wolf sighting, taking his dog, Stella, indoors. But after peeking through the blinds of his house to get a better look at the alleged "wolf," until Flint realized his yard intruder was actually a dog.

After feeding the dog a few bowls of food and gaining the pup's trust, Flint took the dog to a local vet to get an exam and to check for a microchip.

The vet also didn't find a microchip. So after searching around their area for a potential pet parent that might've lost the dog, who they decided to call Balto, nothing turned up, so Flint and his partner decided to take Balto in, to join the couple's two cats, Tugboat and Submarine, nine chickens, two roosters and their other dog Stella.

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