WATCH: Girl’s Video Re-Decorating Aisle At Target Sparks Huge Online Debate

Kelsey Venkov recently shared a video on TikTok of her decorating an aisle in her local target, fixing up an empty chair with some cut holiday-themed accessories. “I was in Target today minding my own business until I stumbled upon this chair. It was very lonely and it needed some love,” she explains in her video. “So, I took it upon myself to decorate since all the decor was right there. And people might even get ideas from it, so why not?”

Not everyone loved this video:

  • “You’ve obviously never worked a retail job omg why,” one person commented.
  • While another added, “I’m really just thinkin about how the Target employees are probably gonna have to put it away.”
  • Another noted, “Not you being so entitled you think Target nEedDs YoU. Baby go home.”