Alaska Airlines passenger escorted off flight goes viral over outfit

Alaska Airlines passenger who was escorted off a flight from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Alaska last week apparently because of what she was -- and wasn't -- wearing has gone viral after she shared her experience about what happened on social media.

During an interview with KOMO News Monday, Howard said she didn't have a problem until she decided to remove a midriff-baring, purple leopard spot crop top while in the air and en route to her final destination.

"I had worn the same outfit on other flights during this trip," she said to KOMO News, adding that it had been a pretty uneventful plane ride up until that point. "Most people were sleeping (and) it was pretty quiet and dark the entire time."

The airline said in a written statement to KOMO News that it is looking into the incident, which Howard alleges occurred because of her weight and her wardrobe.

"I was harassed about my outfit," she said to two Fairbanks Police Department officers who were called in to investigate after the plane had landed.

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