Can Selena Bring You Back To Coach?

Coach just bought Kate Spade. For those of us Kate girls it was a "what the?!" moment.  I used to be a Coach girl but they lost sight of their brand and you could buy Coach at every outlet mall in America. That's when I started falling in love with Kate Spade.  Not sure what the company buyout will mean for Kate Spade but Selena's new COACH line is here and that can only help the brand.  

Last year, Selena Gomez was named an ambassador and design collaborator for Coach, "Coach made me feel like family from day one," Selena says. "Having the opportunity to grow creatively by working on a design collaboration and reaching so many girls through the Coach Foundation is important to me and I love that Coach is supportive."

now if we could just SEE the actual bag. LOL 

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