2 Things That Target Employees Want To Tell You

If you're anything like me Target is a part of every day life. I need toilet paper and floss I go to Target. The boys need shorts because it's hot and we didn't realize they GREW SO MUCH since last time it was nice out, I go to Target. I'm bored, I go to Target. I got a bonus check, I go to Target. And I'm not joking, the managers at my Target know me by name. And have seen looking like a Saturday morning hot mess. So being kind them comes easy to me.  However sometimes people forget that while Target can be like a second home, don't treat it that way.  Target employees were asked what makes work suck for them and it really comes down to two basic things they wish they could tell you but can't. So I will: 

  • Don't make a mess: If you got Starbucks or a snack don't then leave your trash all over the store.  
  • Don't be rude: If your item isn't in stock it really is nothing they have control over so don't take it out on them. Having a crappy day? Don't take it out on them.  

When you think about it, these two things are great life hacks to. In general, don't make a mess. And don't be a jerk. 

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