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Teens Reveal 7 Cringe-Worthy Words Adults Need To Stop Using

Do your teens roll their eyes when you try to talk on their level? Business Insider polled some teens to find out which slang words are so last week. 

SWAG is no longer used to describe someone who's cool. It's now LIT although that's used more to describe a situation not a person

BAE is overused but there really isn't a lit replacement. BRUH is the new way to describe a friend.

YOLO You only live once, but use of this term is dead. KEY or MAJOR KEY is used to describe something that's important (thank you DJ Khaled)

RAD hasn't been rad since the 90s, same for GNARLY, not since 80's. stop that. (btw I just said gnarly yesterday   )

ON FLEEK is no longer used to describe one who is perfect, instead teens use GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

SAVAGE used to describe someone who acts without restraint, a trait that kids admire because a savage does something others are afraid to do. But most teens don't use that word anymore. They suggest using the word OOF to express sympathy for a friend who was hurt by a savage. 

Now go out there BRUH, remember what's KEY, cuz when it comes to parenting you're GOAT. the goat?   

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