Hacks For Getting Fam Out The Door For School On Time

Could you use some hacks to get back into the groove with fall and school and all that? We KNOW the kids aren't raring to go back to school, but how about you parents? There's a mix of relief and sadness every time my boys go back to school. Another marker in that timeline that seems to move faster every year, yet it IS good to be back into a regular routine. 

Here are some hacks from Good Morning America to help you:

  • Splashy checklist and reminders. The Sunny Day Family Blog has some cool printable ones.
  • Planning out breakfast ahead of time and prepping their lunches. You can have everything mapped out and even in their containers.
  • “Emergency” kits. In case you run really late and have a scatter-brained morning, pack a spare backpack in the trunk with the supplies you kid needs. And…son’t forget to keep a stash of water and granola bars to eat on the way.
  • Create a homework work station. Let’s face it, many kids can’t stand that chore. No worries! Create a fun and focused area for them to get it done.

OK now, where did I put my coffee cup?! 

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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