Remember When You Could Call Time? You Still Can!

Remember when you could call "time"? We called it "popcorn" because in 1980's Central California, if you spelled out popcorn it would call the number where the recording would say, "at the beep the time will be _______" 

Well it turns out people still call time. All the time! Especially right after Daylight Savings Time starts and stops. “We get 3 million calls per year!” said Demetrios Matsakis, the chief scientist for time services at the Naval Observatory. “And there’s an interesting sociology to it. They don’t call as much on the weekend, and the absolute minimum time they call is Christmas. On big holidays, people don’t care about the time. But we get a big flood of calls when we switch to Daylight [saving] time and back.”

If you want to call "time" the number to the U.S. Naval Observatory time-by-phone service is 202-762-1401. 

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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