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How Your BFF's Are Making You Healthier

We all know eating right and exercising are important ways to stay healthy. Now it turns out your friends are just important! Strong, supportive relationships are so important that just spending time with your BFF's count as a healthy habit.

They can help soften the blow of breakup. Research actually shows spending time with a friend can decrease the body's production of cortisol, a stress hormone that is definitely present after being rejected. 

They can help you survive the tough times. Having your BFF to hold your hand when dealing with difficult things is like a buffer to the negativity.

They can extend your life! Research shows those with strong social relationships are less likely to die prematurely, so stay tight with your squad! Having good friends is twice as effective as exercise and quitting smoking when it comes to extending your life

They can help you be more productive at work. You might think friends at work would be distracting but actually research shows having those close relationships at the office increase job satisfaction by 50%.

They can make you more fit. Working out with a buddy can help keep you accountable on track. 

They can improve your mental health. Those with higher quality friendships of 15 years old have fewer symptoms of depression and an elevated sense of self worth by they time they turn 25.  

NOW. When was the last time you make hang time with your girls?!

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