How To Get Out Of A Negative Conversation

Sometimes there are things happening in your day or your life that trigger you. Things you're passionate about and therefore react strongly to. If such conversations are happening in your office, neighborhood or on social media here a few tips From The Today Show to you help you be thoughtful of the situation and walk kindly walk away if need be.

  • Be aware of your buttons and change your pattern. Don’t let someone “get to you.”
  • Read what’s said in a different light. Try to re frame the conversation with phrases like “this is a debate, not a fight.”
  • Find the positive way to describe a trait or situation. If someone calls you stubborn, say you’re persistent.
  • Use a past shared experience as an example.
  • Ask a question. LISTEN to the answer thoughtfully
  • Don’t give power to the conversation.
  • If it's futile, find a kind way to walk away. 
  • Or ghost em (Just kidding that wasn't in the story   )
Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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