You Have To Be Approved To Buy These $320 Leggings

I don't know how it's possible to be annoyed with something I just learned about 5 minutes ago but this company WONE is selling $320 leggings. And you can't have them. The first line is already sold out on their website and the second line has a countdown clock to the on-sale. 

Let me just give you a little of backstory I just stumbled upon. Wone released their athleisure line last summer and Wone employees actrually Googled every "applicant" who wanted to purchase their line to see if they were worthy of purchasing their "luxury activewear".

The more I type the more annoyed I get.  But hey if $200 for a t-shirt and $320 for leggings that are impossible to get sounds like a fun way to shop, knock yourself out.

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