3 Steps To A More Positive YOU

Have you ever wanted to be a more positive person? The mind is very powerful thing, so is energy. What you think and what your surround yourself with can easily become your world. If you think it you can be it. According to INC. there are 3 ways to turn your negatives into positives. 

Develop self-awareness – Self-awareness is something that will help you protect yourself from your shortcomings. Look at what is happening, or what you are doing, that’s making you so negative, and in some cases you could be the reason for all the negative behavior around you. Once you notice this, it’s the first step towards helping you change that behavior to become more positive.

Break down your negative support system – The people you surround yourself with could be contributing to your downer attitude, so take a long hard look at the people in your support system and see if they are contributing to your negative attitude. Especially at work, if you find yourself with too many of these people around you, you may want to make some changes.

Have positive substitutes for negative behaviors – After getting rid of the negative people in your life, search out folks with more positive opinions and attitudes which can lead to healthy collaboration, safe work engagement and better productivity.

Have a happy day!

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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